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The Holiday’s are right around the corner and though most of us are excited for the Holiday festivities, for those of us who are on a diet this can be a very stressful time of the year. It’s already hard enough to stick with a healthy diet on a day to day basis let alone through Holiday party after party filled with foods that are known to pack on the pounds. So how do you still enjoy yourself at the festivities and not go completely off of your diet? Don’t completely deny yourself of treats! A diet should not rule your life, you should still be able to enjoy parties and social functions and not always worrying about your diet. The trick to this is to understand that letting yourself have a small treat here and there should not turn into over indulgence. Set yourself up for success and have a game plan before the event. Decide before you go what you will indulge in and what you really need to stay away from and STICK WITH IT! Knowing what your trigger foods are and understanding what you have a difficult time stopping at “just one” should be a big factor when deciding your game plan. Remember the Holiday’s are meant to be enjoyed so ENJOY THEM!!