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If there is one question that I get asked on a daily basis our patients is “What can I eat when I go out to eat?” We tend to make eating out more complicated than it actually is and why do we do this? It’s actually a very simple answer….will power! When you are in the comfort of your own home and the foods on hand that go with your diet plan it’s much easier to not “fall off the wagon.” Going out with family and friends and seeing them make diet choices that are off limits for you current diet plan can make it very difficult to stick with the healthy lifestyle you are trying to achieve.

Will power plays a huge role in continuing to make the dietary choices when we go out to eat. Just because it’s on the menu does not mean that you need to order it! In this day and age restaurants offer many healthy options for patrons who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Many chain restaurants such as Applebee’s, Chili’s & Outback Steakhouse have menu options that are 600 calories or less, still allowing you to enjoy a healthy but tasty meal with your friends and family and not feel that you have gone off your diet.

Even with those healthy menu options our eyes still tend to wander to the old habits that we are trying to kick, such as that basket of bread on the table or maybe that very chocolaty and calorie packed dessert at the end of the meal. Will power will help you get over those urges, don’t get me wrong it’s difficult to not succumb to the temptations around us when we go out but ask yourself this question before you order something you may regret, “How will I feel AFTER I eat this?” Nine out of ten times the answer is going to be “not very good.”

Just remember there are always going to be temptations out there whether at home, at parties or restaurants. Sometimes we will give into those temptations or just decided today I’m having a free day give me that cheese burger! The important thing to remember is that once you make the decision to break your diet you always can decide to get back onto your healthy lifestyle and start a new day!