Your First Visit

When you come in to our office for the first time you will go through a complete medical work up consisting of vitals, blood draw, urinalysis, EKG, and a physical by our physician. Once your medical work up is complete your Nutrition Consultant and the Physician will meet to discuss the nutrition and diet plan that will work best for your medical needs and weight loss goals. Your Nutrition Consultant will then meet with you to go over your eating, exercise and dieting habits. Once this information is gathered your Nutrition Consultant will discuss the diet and exercise plan that you need to follow for that week.

You will meet with your Nutrition Consultant on a weekly basis, this is a vital part of the Slim Measures program, allowing our team to monitor your health and progress on a weekly basis and this also allows your Nutrition Consultant to see if any changes to your diet plan need to be addressed. Every BODY loses weight differently, with the Slim Measures comprehensive weight loss program our team works with you to ensure your plan is helping you achieve the weight loss goals you set out to achieve from day one.

Call 954-720-SLIM or contact us to speak with a member of the Slim Measures team today for a FREE consultation with one of our Nutrition Consultants to answer any questions you may have about our weight loss program.